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Malkah Manouel is a Brooklyn based Iranian-American working in film distribution for companies including MUBI, Third World Newsreel, Kani Releasing, and Dedza Films. Malkah also works as a Persian to English film translator in addition to editing and programming for Ultra Dogme. [Twitter][Instagram]

Ruairí McCann is an Irish writer and musician, Belfast born and based but raised in Sligo. He sits on the board of the Spilt Milk Music & Arts Festival and has written for Photogénie, Electric Ghost, Screen Slate, Mubi Notebook and Sight & Sound. [Twitter]

Maximilien Luc Proctor (MLP) is a French-American filmmaker and critic. He is the founder of Ultra Dogme, and the avant-garde instructor at Berlin’s Art on the Run filmschool. [Vimeo][Twitter]

Associate Editors

Forrest Cardamenis is a freelance film critic based in Queens, New York. His work has also appeared in Reverse Shot, Hyperallergic, MUBI, and other publications. [Twitter]

Martin Bremer was born and raised in Brazil. He has studied and lived in Germany (Heidelberg University), the U.S.A. (University of Connecticut), and England (Oxford University). He is currently working in game design in Berlin. [Website][Twitter]

Contributing Writers

Dylan Adamson is a Canadian film preservationist, freelance critic, and programmer currently based in Athens, Greece. His work has also been featured in Tone Glow.

Alonso Aguilar is a Costa Rican writer, critic and programmer. His writings have featured in Mubi Notebook, Bandcamp Daily, Hyperallergic, photogénie and Cinema Tropical, among other outlets. [Twitter]

Ioannis Andronikidis is an art historian, translator, and writer currently based in Greece. Having studied History, Archaeology, Modern and Contemporary Art, he specialized in lens-based practices at the Edinburgh College of Art. For the past years, he has been writing and translating pieces on cinema and literature for Beater.gr, Another Screen (Another Gaze), and Philosophy World Democracy, among others.

Arta Barzanji is a writer and filmmaker based in Philadelphia. His writing appears both in Farsi and English, focusing on filmmakers such as Sohrab Shahid Saless, Straub-Huillet, Pedro Costa as well as films like Satantango, Wanda, and Shanghai Express. Arta’s own films, including halluCINEtions and The Act of Seeing, explore the relationship between the viewer and the screen while engaging with the works of filmmakers such as Stan Brakhage and Malcolm Le Grice. [Twitter]

Tobias Burms is a communications and law graduate whose admiration for auteur cinema is balanced by an addiction to trash, pulp and Hollywood genre movies.

Natasha Chuk is a critical theorist and writer whose research interests focus on the use of creative technologies as systems of language at the intersection of expression, interface, and perception. She teaches courses in film studies, digital cultures, aesthetics, and art history at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

Abiba Coulibaly is a film programmer with a background in critical geography, interested in exploring the intersection between ethics and aesthetics.

Jefferson Everest Crawford lives in rural Vermont. His ongoing research is on amateur filmmaking, labor, and personal practices. As a filmmaker and curator he is invested in an amateur and rural focus, and is involved in White River Indie Films, a regional festival. [Twitter]

Nel Dahl is a writer inspired by horror and genre cinema. She’s based in the Pacific Northwest with her Russian Blue cat. [Twitter]

Souky De Wolf holds an MA in Film and Theatre Studies and is currently working toward an MA in Culture Management and Film Studies at the University of Antwerp. She is a contributing writer for Photogénie, and a participant in their Young Critics Workshop 2018. [Twitter]

Hugo Emmerzael is a film and music critic based in Amsterdam. He is an editor of monthly independent Dutch film magazine, De Filmkrant, with other writings published in Senses of CinemaGonzo (circus)Beneficial ShockFrame.Land and on the Berlinale Talent Press platform, of which Hugo is a 2019 alumnus. [Twitter]

Igor Fishman is a writer and film critic based in Brooklyn, New York. You can find more of his work on his site Lost Asterisk. [Twitter]

Christian Flemm is a filmmaker and translator. He lives and works in Berlin.

Edward Frumkin is a Brooklyn-based filmmaker and critic who hosts the film podcast reelprint. He’s written for The Film Stage, The Brooklyn Rail, and BOMB, and his work played at Sidewalk, SCAD Savannah, and Big Sky Documentary Film Festivals, among others. [Twitter]

Caden Mark Gardner is a freelance trans film critic and researcher based in upstate New York. He focuses on queer cinema and the history of the trans film image.

Caroline Golum is a filmmaker and writer living in Brooklyn, NY. When she is not working for the Man, she is usually watching, writing about, or trying to make a movie. Her first film, A Feast of Man, is just a click away on VOD. Her second film is in development. [Twitter]

Jesse Hawken is a writer in Toronto. He is the host and producer of the Junk Filter podcast. [Twitter]

Tomáš Hudák is a film critic, programmer, and festival co-ordinator based in Bratislava, Slovakia, currently working at the Slovak Film Institute, where he is responsible for the international promotion of Slovak cinema with a focus on documentaries. He has been working for various film festivals for the last ten years in positions that include programming and program co-ordination. His writing can be found in magazines such as Senses of Cinema, Desistfilm, KinoScope, and Dok.revue. [Twitter]

Katie Kirkland is a writer and current PhD candidate at Yale University, where she researches contemporary experimental documentary. [Twitter]

Ejla Kovačević is a Croatian film critic, currently residing in Paris where she’s interning at filmmakers’ cooperative Light Cone. She’s been a long-time collaborator of International Experimental Film and Video Festival – 25 FPS and an active member of film labs community  dedicated to the promotion and preservation of analog film practices. As a member of Zagreb-based filmlab Klubvizija she organized numerous workshops and projections, continuously sharing her passion for photochemical experiments that never cease to surprise her. [Twitter]

Peter Larkin is an independent film critic and tutor based in Wicklow, Ireland. [Twitter]

Madeleine Larrosa is an engaged feminist who believes in the power of arts as activism in an effort to change culture. She holds a PhD in neuroscience.

Richard Loria is a writer, filmmaker and translator. You can find him on his newly fashioned Twitter here.

Luise Mörke lives in Berlin and is currently a graduate student in art history at Humboldt University. As a teenager, she once provocatively declared that she liked movies more than books. Today she tries to speak less absolutely, but still spends a lot of her time watching, writing and thinking about film. [Instagram]

Laia Nadal is a non-binary artist from Barcelona. Over the years they have worked in many cultural fields, including audiovisual, music, and graphic design. [Twitter] [Letterboxd]

Maria Paradinas is an archive researcher and film programmer from London. She is interested in the politics of archival practice as it relates to histories that have been destroyed, mis-recorded or obscured. 

Yoana Pavlova is a Bulgarian writer, researcher, and programmer, currently based in France. Founding editor of festivalists.com, with bylines for various outlets in English and French, as well as with contributions to books on the New East, French cinephilia, cinema 2.0, at this point her field of work includes also immersive media and analogue methods in art/film criticism. [Twitter]

Camilla Peeters is an MA student in Film and Theatre Theory at the University of Antwerp. She writes on fringe film and experimental music, contributing to photogénie, Indiestyle and Subbacultcha, and DJs under her own first name. [Instagram]

Tijana Perović is balancing between obtaining a PhD in Vascular biology, strengthening her yoga practice and cultivating her emotional agility through cinema. 

Savina Petkova is a Bulgarian freelance film critic based in London. Her bylines include MUBI Notebook, photogenie, Electric Ghost Magazine, Girls On Tops and Screen Queens. She’s also a PhD candidate with a project on animal metamorphoses in contemporary European cinema at King’s College London. [Twitter]

Joseph Pomp recently completed a PhD on French state sponsorship of international art-house cinema and has contributed to Cinema ScopeHyperallergicThe Los Angeles Review of BooksSenses of Cinema, and other publications. He is now an editor at Harvard University Press. [Twitter]

Patrick Preziosi is a graduate of Literature (BA) from the State University of New York at Purchase. Based in Brooklyn, NY, Patrick began pursuing film criticism after a foray into music criticism. Patrick has written on film for Little White Lies, Metrograph Edition, Photogénie, The Purchase Phoenix and the Irish Film Critic. [Twitter]

Dana Reinoos is a writer and film festival professional based in Milwaukee, WI. Her work has appeared in MUBI, Hyperallergic, Screen Slate, BOMB Magazine, and more. [Twitter]

Kelsie Renehan is a Masters candidate at Freie Universität Berlin, a current editor of the FU Review, the host and creator of the podcast FU Out Loud, and a University of Maryland alumn. She’s built houses, books, journals, and friendships across Maryland, Philadelphia, New Orleans, and Berlin. You can find more of her work in the Free State Review, The Wild Word, The FU Review, and scattered across the internet. [Twitter]

Felix Rodriguez is an Oklahoma musician and concert booker that spends more time thinking about music than not. [Twitter]

Tobias Rosen grew up in California, but now lives in Berlin during his studies in art history at Freie Universität. His grandfather taught him to collect, while he learned drawing and painting from his mother. He writes about art and film history. 

Noah Rosenberg is an artist working primarily with film and painting. His work has been shown in many venues including the Manetti Shrem Museum of Art, The Basement Gallery, Varsity Theater, and Wolf Kino, Berlin. He holds a BA in Studio Art, BA in Evolution, Ecology, and Biodiversity, and minor in Philosophy, from the University of California, Davis. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles. [Twitter]

Lucía Salas is an Argentinian film critic, programmer, and filmmaker based in Spain. Her work navigates cinema, past and present, and it can be found mainly in La vida útil magazine and Punto de Vista film festival. [Twitter]

Jack Seibert is a film writer who lives and works in Los Angeles. [Twitter]

John Semley is a writer and researcher based in Philadelphia. His writing on film has been published in The Baffler, The New Republic, and elsewhere. [Twitter]

Michael Sicinski is a writer and teacher based in Houston, Texas.

Will Sloan lives in Toronto. He has written for such publications as Cinema Scope, NPR, Harper’s, and Screen Slate, and has two – count ‘em – two podcasts, The Important Cinema Club and Michael & Us. [Twitter]

Srikanth Srinivasan is a film critic from Bangalore, India.

Ryan Swen is a freelance film critic and a cinema and media studies MA at the University of Southern California. He hosts the Catalyst and Witness podcast and has written for Reverse Shot, The Film Stage, Seattle Screen Scene, MUBI Notebook, Hyperallergic, and the BFI. [Twitter]

Alex Tripp is a data auditor based in Seattle, Washington with experience in the production of animation and computer music. You can find additional writing from Alex at endaural.

Žarko Urošević is an aspiring pole dancer and biomedical sciences lab rat, who dreams of being a big spoon one day. They spend most of their days explaining differences between sex and gender to other people, and contemplating moving to Venus.

Elspeth Vischer (She/Her) is a filmmaker based in Belfast who specialises in documentary and experimental content. Elspeth is a third year creative-Practice PhD Student at Queen’s University, Belfast where she also teaches.  [Twitter]

Florian Weigl is a writer and critic based in Berlin. He can be paid in cat pictures. [Twitter

Charlotte Wynant is currently writing a PhD thesis on reductive aesthetics in the cinema of Chantal Akerman and Marguerite Duras at the Research Centre for Visual Poetics (University of Antwerp). The focus of her research lies on aesthetics of negativity in twentieth century cinema, literature and performance and the contributive role of French philosophy in their emergence.

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