Announcement: + The Ultra Dogme Manifesto +

To go along with the new domain name, we have just published our manifesto. From now on it will always be just a click away in the sidebar, or for quick access, at:

Follow our brand new instagram account here: @ultradogme

Read the manifesto in full below:

It has gone on long enough: from this day forward, let it be known that music, film and other audio visual miscellanea made by humans are utterly and completely fascist, corrupt and unworthy of study or conversation (beyond deep analyses of & conversations on why they are unworthy of conversation).

ULTRA DOGME is strictly dedicated to the study and rigorous discussion of art works produced by CREATURES. There are other very simple rules:

FILM: the images must move at least a tiny bit

MUSIC: there must be sounds

WRITING: requires rhythm

These demands shall be upheld.

Humanity has proven its limits. 95 had it all wrong. This is Dogme 2020. 
This is Ultra Dogme.

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