UDVFF 11: Agitated Meditation

Editor’s Note: Welcome to the eleventh program of our Virtual Film Festival, which offers a weekly watching schedule of moving image works available for free streaming. Previous programs can be found here.If you enjoy this week’s program, please support Ultra Dogme on Patreon, Ko-fi, or Substack, so that we may continue to publish writing about film + music with love + care: Special thanks to … Continue reading UDVFF 11: Agitated Meditation

Best of the Decade: Music

As with our Best of the Decade in Film list, these album lists should be taken less as definitive statements on what was objectively best, and instead be considered as their own entities, to enrich rather than compete with other lists on this page (or other sites) – each a meaningful observation with a strong personal bent. Be sure to also check out Felix Rodriguez’s … Continue reading Best of the Decade: Music

Best of the Decade: Film

We asked our contributing writers (as well as a couple of future contributors) to offer up lists of films from the last decade which impacted them in a significant way. While we are presenting these as our ‘best of’ lists, the idea was primarily to show several lists covering a variety of moving image works from the multiplex to the avant-garde, some well-loved, others perhaps under-seen. Continue reading Best of the Decade: Film