UDVFF 11: Agitated Meditation

Editor’s Note: Welcome to the eleventh program of our Virtual Film Festival, which offers a weekly watching schedule of moving image works available for free streaming. Previous programs can be found here.If you enjoy this week’s program, please support Ultra Dogme on Patreon, Ko-fi, or Substack, so that we may continue to publish writing about film + music with love + care: Special thanks to … Continue reading UDVFF 11: Agitated Meditation

DVD Review: ‘Das Goldene Tor’ by Jürgen Reble (Re:Voir video)

by MLP I was completely unaware, prior to watching Das Goldene Tor (1992) (‘The Golden Gate’), that I had actually seen work by Jürgen Reble before, albeit as a member of the filmmaking collective Schmelzdahin (German for ‘melt away’) – a work titled Stadt in Flammen (City in Flames). Stadt in Flammen was created by introducing to the filmstrip various mutations via deterioration: burning, chemical … Continue reading DVD Review: ‘Das Goldene Tor’ by Jürgen Reble (Re:Voir video)