Best of the Decade: Music

As with our Best of the Decade in Film list, these album lists should be taken less as definitive statements on what was objectively best, and instead be considered as their own entities, to enrich rather than compete with other lists on this page (or other sites) – each a meaningful observation with a strong personal bent. Be sure to also check out Felix Rodriguez’s … Continue reading Best of the Decade: Music

Doubling Down – DIIV’s ‘Deceiver’ and Danny Brown’s ‘uknowhatimsayin¿’

As musical boundaries continue to dissolve at such an alarming rate, the albatross of being a “buzzed about” artist hangs heavier with each year, even if we’re only going as far back as 2011-12. Looking back from the last quarter of 2019, certain bands and musicians who dominated the cultural conversation seem frivolous now, and others seem retroactively undeserving of the hand-wringing that may have accompanied their ascents. Continue reading Doubling Down – DIIV’s ‘Deceiver’ and Danny Brown’s ‘uknowhatimsayin¿’

7 Great Experimental Short Films on Vimeo

by +MLP+ We’re all looking for something great to watch. Moving images which will actually move and challenge us: to be better viewers and better people. In the contemporary streaming hellscape, there is an overabundance of ‘stuff to watch’ and a dire lack of meaningful & engaging work. So to celebrate the launch of yet another tiresome streaming service, I wanted to focus some great … Continue reading 7 Great Experimental Short Films on Vimeo

A Music List for 2018

After the success of last year’s ‘5 Noteworthy Rock Albums of 2017,’ I’ve decided to stay the course by altering the format with a surprise ‘best of’ list which does not arrive until the beginning of January of the following year. It’s only fair. As an added bonus, that means I don’t have all the other stupid ‘best of’-‘year end’-’roundups’ to compete with. Reflection is … Continue reading A Music List for 2018