‘Outer and Inner Space’

by paul a. As its title vaguely implies, Outer and Inner Space is primarily concerned with personal (inner) and public (outer) spheres of societal life — even as the film itself is sinuously situated between these two opposing ideologies and operates in something of an intermediate territory. It’s a title that also reinforces a stark cultural dichotomy, fueling a never-ending conflict fought since the inception … Continue reading ‘Outer and Inner Space’

Dogme Year Zero: The Filmmaker’s Co-op

by paul a. Since the start of November, I’ve been part of a special film club of sorts: one hosted weekly at the Filmmakers Co-op in New York, within the Charles S. Cohen screening room, with the ever-lovely and generous MM Serra serving as both projector and moderator. I regularly attend with my good friend/brother-in-arms Manny (notoriously known as pops baron on letterboxd) who’s been … Continue reading Dogme Year Zero: The Filmmaker’s Co-op

The Best Experimental Moving Image Works of 2020

by paul a. It was Ken Jacobs who once floated the observation that “the avant-garde never starts on time,” but as the global events of 2020 began (and continued to) materialize, life also refused to play out in a timely manner. Contemporary existence has taken on the characteristics of stasis, but not complete inaction; within the creative industries, at least, the looming threat of complete economic … Continue reading The Best Experimental Moving Image Works of 2020