‘Secession From The Broadcast’ by Gene Youngblood

Today we are very excited to share with you the full PDF of a lecture by renowned theorist Gene Youngblood. Titled Secession From The Broadcast, it was first delivered in Buenos Aires, in 2012. A PDF of the Spanish translation of the lecture is forthcoming, via desistfilm.

There are still precious few copies (in an extremely limited print run of 55) of the physical book available for $25 in a paperback ‘Japanese stab’ bind.

As per the publisher’s descripton:
Gene Youngblood’s lecture, Secession from the Broadcast, is cartographic by design, a lantern & compass for those determined to extirpate their operations from under the clutches of the mass media hydra. Breathing as though alive, through this manifesto Youngblood’s words serve as call to action, a call for a rebellion of intensely illuminated and unexampled proportions. Fused by Youngblood’s innate desires, this work showcases a praxis and research that spans most of a lifetime. Secession from the Broadcast is a must-read for anyone contemplating new modalities of operation & cognition within the omnipresent media landscapes we inhabit. 

You can download the PDF or read it right here in the browser:

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Words + Artwork by Gene Youngblood
Translated by Martín Baus
Design + Production + Artworks by Bretta C. Walker
Edited by Jean-Jacques Martinod

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