Dancing Towards Oblivion – The Cinema of Teo Hernández

“I was thinking about the movement of my films that seem to shake in a dream linked to the movements of oblivion: it is an agitated, hallucinated movement, a relentless swing… The shaken film emerges from these bruises: from a confrontation between the filmmaker and oblivion. The theme of my films is oblivion, which is why it is inexpressible.” – Teo Hernández Continue reading Dancing Towards Oblivion – The Cinema of Teo Hernández

Fox Maxy: Framing the Land

by Laia Nadal I often think about films that, as Susan Sontang would say, are a vast repository of images that make it difficult for us to forget. They haunt us, and state outright: “This is what human beings are capable of doing”. Works that empower people to speak up about their experiences, like Jennifer Montgomery’s Home Avenue, come to mind—perhaps because I have been … Continue reading Fox Maxy: Framing the Land

Angel Olsen: Traveling Towards the Tiniest Light

by Dana Reinoos In 2011, Angel Olsen introduced herself to the public as a woman emerging from the darkness with a Mona Lisa smile, and one who carried that voice. High and warbling, yet full and warm, Olsen sounds on Strange Cacti like a time traveler from a century ago, her voice steeped in women’s vocal experimentations from jazz forward. While her sound is reminiscent … Continue reading Angel Olsen: Traveling Towards the Tiniest Light

Gina Telaroli: Reimaging

by Liam Kenny It was during Light Industry’s showing of William Wellman’s Good-bye, My Lady that I first saw Gina Telaroli take a picture of a cinema screen with her iPhone. I was flooded with ideas: what can be learned from pictures of the silver screen? With the technology to take photos in theaters without a long exposure, the projected image can be reimagined and … Continue reading Gina Telaroli: Reimaging