New Sounds + Images: ‘Ave Cantora’ + ‘A Kinder & Gentler Nation’

Last week was a productive one. I dropped a brand new music video (for “Ave Cantora” by Open/Honest) and track (for a charity) on Friday and Saturday, respectively. 

[vimeo 303739820 w=1920 h=1080]

Every Corner Every Inch comes out on Friday, December 7th. You can pre-order it on bandcamp & iTunes, or stream it on Spotify. Be sure and check out my interview with Open/Honest if you haven’t already.

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My newest track, “A Kinder & Gentler Nation” was written for a charity concert CD, which you can learn more about at
Some of the donors were given the opportunity to choose ‘themes’ around which songs would be written, recorded, and sold on CD at the concert. I chose the quote ‘All I want is a kinder and gentler nation’ – George H.W. Bush. It is by complete coincidence (or otherworldly force) that the mix was completed on the day of his death. Here’s to the future.

“A Kinder & Gentler Nation” was mixed & produced by Martin Bremer.


All I want is a 
Kinder and gentler nation 
All the bombs must be 
Stored under lock underground

All the times that I’ve 
Asked for your participation 
Retaliation is all that I receive 

Have you checked lately 
If peace in this world can be 
Something our feeble minds can achieve 

And so while I am 
Losing my spine online 
Others disable filters from mouth to the mind 

So please enable your cookies 
And accept our statement: 
That privacy means you can always be seen 
And freedom has escaped through the basement 

Is it too much to ask for a beautiful world 
Where no one gets shot for existing 
All of my favorite seasons have passed 
And all we are left with is history 

A history that’s being undone by the mile 
At 10 billion miles per moment 
Just be kind to your fellow woman and man 
Or any ID that they please 
Exorcise your demons of greed 
Love might be all that we need 

As I swim through the waves of this wonderful world 
And the kindness that we all tend to forget 
I am trapped under currents of zeros and ones 
Enigmatically pumping their digital fists 

All I want is a 
Kinder and gentler nation

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