Film Books Round-up #1

Welcome to the first-ever Ultra Dogme ‘Film Books Round-up’. What I’ve assembled here is a short list of 5 film-focused print publications that I investigated this year and felt like sharing with you. Some were graciously sent to me as review copies and others were ordered on a whim. I hope you will discover a new favorite in at least one of them. Clicking on … Continue reading Film Books Round-up #1

‘Secession From The Broadcast’ by Gene Youngblood

Today we are very excited to share with you the full PDF of a lecture by renowned theorist Gene Youngblood. Titled Secession From The Broadcast, it was first delivered in Buenos Aires, in 2012. A PDF of the Spanish translation of the lecture is forthcoming, via desistfilm. There are still precious few copies (in an extremely limited print run of 55) of the physical book … Continue reading ‘Secession From The Broadcast’ by Gene Youngblood