Announcement: (Virtual) Artist-in-Residence, Jake Jacobs

As our first ever artist-in-residence, Jacob Harrison Jones (Jake Jacobs) was supposed to be in Berlin for the month of July this year. Since life had other plans, we are thrilled to be hosting our first virtual artist residency, which will entail a month-long collaboration culminating in: a published article, a sound piece, an interview, a video work, and a UDVFF program. Jake and I used to be in a band called Surf Minus Surf, and it is my pleasure to welcome him into the Ultra Dogme family.


Jacob Harrison Jones (Jake Jacobs) is a queer intermedia artist whose work is invested in sound, video, performance and cultural animation. They earned a BFA from the University of Central Oklahoma in New Media, where they emphasized in avant-garde cinema and video art. Born and raised in Oklahoma, Jacobs toured across the United States in punk bands before moving to Iowa City for graduate school in 2018.

Their most recent work, Frog Apology, is featured in the show VICE Experimental Video Shorts at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and they have co-curated a radio art show of text-based works with the poet Kaylee Lockett on KRUI 89.7 Iowa City.

They are pleased to be a visiting artist to Ultra Dogme with financial support from the Stanley Fellowship for International Research from the University of Iowa, where Jacobs is currently earning an MFA in Intermedia from the School of Art and Art History.

“As part of my residency MLP and I are starting a film. In addition, I will be writing an article for Ultra Dogme, recording an interview for the UD Patreon, and producing a video artwork. I want to thank Ultra Dogme for hosting me and the Stanley Fellowship for International Research for funding me during this time.”

Click the images below to visit Jake’s website and Instagram:

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