New Sounds: ‘Upcoming Memories’ and ‘My Whole Life’

I’ve got two new songs which were released over the last couple of months. Check them out below:
Getting home and writing a song about
Getting home and writing a song about
Wondering what everything’s all about
Questioning from where all of this is coming out

Steve Albini would make mincemeat out of me
Even though I lived here my whole life
Time tends to move bi-directionally
Onion behind and garlic in front of me

I made an online profile and I left it alone
For ten years just to see what might happen
When I returned it had moved into my childhood home
Called my mom and even started mapping
Everywhere I had gone when I started to drive
All the friends I had made and my role in the hive
What I ate, where I slept, what was on my mind
Even thoughts unaware that I had at the time

What does it mean if no one’s inside of me
I’m not in the screen, no one’s inside of me

In a moment it occurs
The present tense is suddenly obscured
Hands tremble and the corner fades into a blur

When light falls into patterns it should not
Minds slip into momentary discomfort
Stomach twisted, all tied up

Books are there, waiting like they’ve always been
As the frequency freezes into mannequins
Nothing prepares for the moment of impact
Nothing is lost and memories relax
Nothing is lost and the memories detach
Losing form of the words that I want to say
Cuts from a dream slowly work their way
Into what’s lost in that holy phrase
Everyone’s gliding through a glowing haze

I will watch irrelevant play-by-plays

Everyone’s seen the wrong of their stupid ways

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