The Best Experimental Moving Image Works of 2020

by paul a. It was Ken Jacobs who once floated the observation that “the avant-garde never starts on time,” but as the global events of 2020 began (and continued to) materialize, life also refused to play out in a timely manner. Contemporary existence has taken on the characteristics of stasis, but not complete inaction; within the creative industries, at least, the looming threat of complete economic … Continue reading The Best Experimental Moving Image Works of 2020

A Music List for 2018

After the success of last year’s ‘5 Noteworthy Rock Albums of 2017,’ I’ve decided to stay the course by altering the format with a surprise ‘best of’ list which does not arrive until the beginning of January of the following year. It’s only fair. As an added bonus, that means I don’t have all the other stupid ‘best of’-‘year end’-’roundups’ to compete with. Reflection is … Continue reading A Music List for 2018