New Images: leaning to datamosh

I first tried datamoshing about 3 or 4 years ago. You can see the results of that test, blending a Haneke clip with Godard here.

I was such a slow learner back then that I basically pushed my way through making it work that one time and then gave up on ever trying again…until now. Upon making this second attempt, it took lots of trial and error but I finally figured out how make it do what I want (it’s really not that difficult of a process, the main program you need just crashes a lot and requires some patience.) In the months to come I hope to master the technique but it will take some more practice before I can start inserting into my own work as I’d like to. This is a great first step though. I hope you enjoy it. The original film from which the clip is borrowed is ‘Gypsies Are Found Near Heaven’ (1976), a film you should consider watching if you have not already. A fun and heavy musical drama. Just hit play below:
[vimeo 283981883 w=640 h=272]

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