The Best Experimental Moving Image Works of 2020

by paul a. It was Ken Jacobs who once floated the observation that “the avant-garde never starts on time,” but as the global events of 2020 began (and continued to) materialize, life also refused to play out in a timely manner. Contemporary existence has taken on the characteristics of stasis, but not complete inaction; within the creative industries, at least, the looming threat of complete economic … Continue reading The Best Experimental Moving Image Works of 2020

UDVFF 11: Agitated Meditation

Editor’s Note: Welcome to the eleventh program of our Virtual Film Festival, which offers a weekly watching schedule of moving image works available for free streaming. Previous programs can be found here.If you enjoy this week’s program, please support Ultra Dogme on Patreon, Ko-fi, or Substack, so that we may continue to publish writing about film + music with love + care: Special thanks to … Continue reading UDVFF 11: Agitated Meditation