Dogme Year Zero: Microphones in 2020

by Ruairí McCann Knowing no one understands these songs,I try to sing them clearer.Even though no one has ever asked:”What does Mount Eerie mean?”I have tried to repeatedly explainIn complicated songs.But tonight, we will find out.I know no one.And no one knows me. Those are the opening lyrics of “No Flashlight”: Songs of the Fulfilled Night (2005). The first album Phil Elverum released as ‘Mount … Continue reading Dogme Year Zero: Microphones in 2020

Dogme Year Zero: The Filmmaker’s Co-op

by paul a. Since the start of November, I’ve been part of a special film club of sorts: one hosted weekly at the Filmmakers Co-op in New York, within the Charles S. Cohen screening room, with the ever-lovely and generous MM Serra serving as both projector and moderator. I regularly attend with my good friend/brother-in-arms Manny (notoriously known as pops baron on letterboxd) who’s been … Continue reading Dogme Year Zero: The Filmmaker’s Co-op

Film Books Round-up #1

Welcome to the first-ever Ultra Dogme ‘Film Books Round-up’. What I’ve assembled here is a short list of 5 film-focused print publications that I investigated this year and felt like sharing with you. Some were graciously sent to me as review copies and others were ordered on a whim. I hope you will discover a new favorite in at least one of them. Clicking on … Continue reading Film Books Round-up #1

Announcement: UDVFF Special Screening #1

Hello! Tomorrow (Saturday December 12th), we are hosting a UDVFF special screening on youtube.It will premiere at 8:15pm Central European Time and remain available to stream for 24 hours only. Click the streaming link to set yourself a reminder. The program is as follows:   Sunday Afternoon – (5 min, 2020) by MLP (   AUTORITRATTO – (4 min, 2020) by Federica Foglia ( a … Continue reading Announcement: UDVFF Special Screening #1

The Best Experimental Moving Image Works of 2020

by paul a. It was Ken Jacobs who once floated the observation that “the avant-garde never starts on time,” but as the global events of 2020 began (and continued to) materialize, life also refused to play out in a timely manner. Contemporary existence has taken on the characteristics of stasis, but not complete inaction; within the creative industries, at least, the looming threat of complete economic … Continue reading The Best Experimental Moving Image Works of 2020