Stream: ‘3 Films by Alexandre Larose’

Today marks the halfway point for our current Movie Club program: 3 Films by Alexandre Larose, available to stream through November 24th.

From MLP’s intro text:

Since 2004, French-Canadian filmmaker Alexandre Larose has been conducting various experiments in visual movement, pushing the moving image and the machinery that produces those images to their exhaustion points. It’s unclear if Larose is looking for anything in particular as much as he is simply navigating hitherto uncharted territories. Despite the far-flung abstracted images the ‘finished’ films present us with—it’s helpful here to remember that many of his works are ‘studies’ done within a series of sketches focused on similar techniques or imagery—each work tends to have a crucial component in the physical world that it corresponds to or revolves around.

– etudes du Pont Jacques-Cartier (2009)
La Grande Dame (Étude #1) (2011)
brouillard #15 (2013

You can find these titles (as well as all our past Movie Club titles) on this Letterboxd list.

An Interview with Alexandre Larose, by Connor Murphy (Chute Film Coop)

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