Movie Club #3: ‘Darkness, Darkness, Burning Bright’ (2022) by Gaëlle Rouard

Starting today, April 14th, Darkness, Darkness, Burning Bright is available to stream for Ultra Dogme’s Movie Club subscribers for two weeks, through April 28th.

50% of the income from new sign-ups will go directly to the filmmaker.

Recommended reading: MLP’s interview with Rouard following the film’s 2022 IFFR premiere, which can be found here.

“Still images of Darkness offer no hint of the film’s peculiar and varied tone. Rouard’s visual effects blend split screens of static images with moving ones, and grant an alien luminosity to the natural world. Flora and fauna are rendered as celestial objects resting in deep space.”

Rouard’s short films are available to watch in full on her Vimeo.

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